Friday, September 25, 2020

Week of 9/21/2020



  • SCHEDULE: Math/ SS/ Sci/ ELA have all had links in the schedules changed so that teachers now have control of the settings even if students enter the meeting first. The updated links are automatically showing up on their calendars and the Google Meet homepage. Of course the links can still be found in the digital schedules families were sent. 

  • MISSING SCHOOL: If your child is not going to be able to come to school in person or virtually it would be great if grown ups would send , and an email so we know how to best support them. We are required to take attendance M-F. We have an ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies curriculum planned for the virtual days. These classes reinforce skills and set students up for the next in-person academic day. 

  • GOOGLE CLASSROOM: Because we are teaching so many routines and using different programs to enhance our students’ learning experience, much of the work is done in real time and not posted to our Google Classrooms. Some of these ways we are learning are; sharing notebook entries on a screen, writing on Jamboards,,  other paper copies and soon to be more fun things! This means that even though it may show no missing assignments, there may be assignments that they had trouble completing that are not on Google Classroom. Virtual and in person assignments both hold importance in the growth your student has in 5th grade.

  • EMAILS: If there is time sensitive notification you want us to have it would probably be best to call the office (899-3711)  and Theresa Robinson, our head secretary, will get in touch with us at an appropriate time. We may not check emails until later in the day and we don’t want to miss anything

  • SMILES: Please check out our Instagram and Blog for some fun photos and videos of our in person days together!

  • We had a GREAT all school (virtual) assembly on Thursday and Friday, practicing our team cheer and checking out the other grades (and rooms) in the school. These kids are amazing! 


  • A letter from music land:

Thank you for filling out and returning surveys about the music department. All interested parents should be 

       receiving information, including contracts, for enrollment. The Chorus and Prep Band Programs are being launched virtually on Wednesday October 7th, and Monday Oct 12 for Strings. That means there are no virtual chorus, Prep Band or String sessions next week! Please take the time to look over all the information and discuss the expectations necessary in order to be successful in the BRMS music ensembles. For more information please reach out directly to: Berta Frank (instrumental music)  or Victoria Rosales (chorus). 

  • SCHOOL MEALS: Breakfast bags, snack bags and lunches are all free. Look on the BRMS webpage for menus. 

  • PICTURE DAY: Forms have now gone home to both Atoms and Bonds in their Home - School folders. 

  • RAIDER NEWS: Here’s the link to the BRMS homepage. Lots and lots of BRMS news is found here. 

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Week of 9/14/2020


  • SCHEDULES: We had our first all virtual week as you know. We are facing internet signal loss, microphone ins and outs, smiling faces in the meets when we get there, chats that are filled with thoughtful answers, and a learning curve that is pretty steep but flattening every day! There are HOTSPOTS available for families if internet connection is a problem. Feel free to email with any questions you may have. You can also call us @ 802-899-4690.

  • Shout out to Ms. Roberge who came to the rescue on Wednesday and fixed the World Language link troubles! These schedules are updated in our ION Community Google Classroom but here they are again.   ATOMS        BONDS

  • Morning meetings with Ms Roberge, Mx. Erickson and Mr Martin began this week. It’s so fun to see everyone at these fun filled times. We are so lucky to have such a great group! It’s a great way for us to start our day and keep connected. 

  • Ms. Roberge and Mx. Erickson will be checking in by phone with families this month. Think about what is working and what you are wondering so when we talk we can really use our time well. We look forward to having quick and really important conversations with everyone.

  • Please check out our Instagram and Blog for some fun photos and videos of our in person days together!

Friday, September 11, 2020

A photo check in!

Here are a few images of our activities we did inside the classroom. Don't forget to follow the Instagram page to check out more, including some videos! Have a great, restful weekend everyone!!

First Week Back- 9/11/2020



  • SCHEDULES! Below are the hyperlinks to each group's schedule. Bonds got a reprint today and Atoms will have a reprint Monday. We’ve had to make some changes (just which class goes first), so that the students who wish to partake in orchestra can do so without missing the same class each week! 

  • Supplies are slowly coming in… woohoo! Although we cannot allow home supplies to be brought to school, books are ok to bring! We have plenty of reading opportunities for them to indulge in their books. We will have Library next week (Thurs/Fri) where we will learn how to check out library books. In the meantime we have an awesome classroom library to use! Students will learn how to check out books from our classroom on Mon/Tues, while at school. 

  • Snack reminders! We are a nut safe school, not nut free. This means you may bring in snacks and lunches that have traces of nuts in them. We clean our tables and hands a lot and we don’t share food. Woohoo for protein filled goodies!

  • Next week we start with virtual classes on Monday for the BONDS group. They learned in-person today how to access all of the links and Google Classroom apps, as well as how to be prepared for our synchronous learning experience.  

  • Thanks to all (students and families) for your patience as we navigate teaching both in person and hybrid. Your kind messages and encouraging words have been so warming to receive. We are excited to continue to make this experience as positive as possible for all. Please check out our Instagram and Blog for some fun photos and videos of our first in person days together!

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Snacks in a nut safe school...

 Hello ION families! 

We have received a couple of inquiries about what you can and can't bring to school to eat. 

We are a nut SAFE school not a nut FREE school. Therefore, due to the strict cleaning guidelines we have in place already (the kids are rockin' it!), you can send your child to school with things that have nuts in them. The tables will be cleaned before and after lunch, hands will be washed too. 

If this changes, of course we will notify you. 
Thanks so much!
Happy Thursday and we will see the Bonds tomorrow! 

Mx. E/Ms. R/ Ms. N

Tuesday, September 8, 2020



What a great day! One student asked sadly at 12:00 if the day was already over. Talk about tired! Good thing there are rest days to build stamina.
The Bonds brought their computers, charging cords, the carrying case  home this afternoon. These are BRAND SPANKING NEW computers and they even have touch screens!  The computers stay with them for 4 years. When I told them all of my computer...shall we say...  mishaps they quickly saw that their cases are super padded and snug. They will keep their cords at home, only bringing to school their charged computers when they are in person. We reviewed how to use their MMUUSD log-ins, they chose a personalized password,  and all are signed up for their Google Classrooms. There were a few blips but by next week we will be up and running.  The Atoms will follow suit on Thursday.
In a folder that will travel back and forth between home and school is a paper copy of their schedule as promised. Please keep this copy and send the folder back with your child.
Just a reminder  that because we are so focused on making personal connections that virtual learning  won't begin until next week. 
We cannot wait to be with the Atoms on Thursday!

Monday, September 7, 2020

Keepin' it Positive! 9/4/2020

 Keepin’ it Positive!

Team Ion’s weekly news


  • Schedules are below. All schedules will ultimately have hyperlinks to all of the virtual classes by September 14th. We will send home hard copies for your refrigerators next week, also..

  • Move Up Day was so POSITIVE... Mr. Lee (our Design Tech teacher who is also a t-shirt magician)  gave us this t-shirt tip: turn the shirt inside out and put it in the dryer for 20 minutes then wash and dry it as you normally would in order to set the silk screen ink. 

  • Next week!! There is NO virtual learning happening next week (Sept 7-11). For in-school learners, we will be getting to know one another through various fun activities. (We will even get to take home some books!)

  • We can use this song to take us into the weekend! It will be nice to be together!


Ms Roberge

  • ELA (reading and writing) activities will begin on the 14th of September. 

  • For our first reading unit, we will be looking at ourselves as readers and how to talk and write about our reading. Woohoo, book clubs! 


Mx Erickson

  • Math activities will begin on the 14th of September

  • Our first investigations will focus on building efficient, flexible, accurate multiplication and division strategies


Ms. Roberge

  • Our very first unit is Energy Flow! During this unit you can expect:

    • Learning about energy transfer

    • Growing hydroponic space gardens

    • Answering the question: where do dying things go? (Leaves that fall, animals that decompose, etc.)

Social Studies 

Mx E

  • During our first unit of study we will work to find answers these two questions:

    • To what extent did geography affect Native American cultures historically?

    • To what extent does geography affect Native American cultures today?